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Windholme Farm training under saddle
Windholme Farm training

Windholme Farm has training programs for starting youngsters or training sport horses in a chosen discipline: dressage, jumping, eventing, or pleasure.

Lindy and Will begin with basic handling and desensitization for the very young, moving on to ground training and establishing a firm foundation under saddle as they get older.

Windholme Farm ground training

Will and Lindy also offer equine rehabilitation services in the form of evaluation and training due to physical conditions. This may include veterinary follow-up, post-operative care, chiropractic adjustment, and other forms of alternative care. If Lindy and Will are not skilled or trained in a particular procedure, they have people available who are. Their goal is to get injured horses back into a productive career. As one of their clients exclaimed, "I like to send my horse to you because it's like sending him to camp."

Windholme Farm training under saddle


Whether you purchase a horse from Windholme Farm or get training or care for one of your own, you can be sure the result will be an obedient, happy, and willing horse. Call Windholme Farm regarding training details.

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